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Thaivisa was launched back in September 2002 and during this time established itself as the biggest website on anything and everything to do with Thailand. Since then, what started as a forum for expats, the site now also provides timely Thai and world news to its 2.7m website visitors a month. Thaivisa publishes more than 100 stories per day and this is shared on multiple platforms from website, social networks, app to its hugely subscribed to twice daily newsletter.
Thaivisa also has a property arm that sells property throughout the Kingdom. This website alone boasts 40,000 visitors a month to its site. It is firmly established as one of the leading property agents in Thailand, and possibly the only national agency for foreigners in Thailand.

In September 2015, Thaivisa was purchased by Choice Group Asia Media Group, whom also own two other Thai-based media, Inspire Digital Media and Pattaya Channel TV. Effectively, the group became the biggest foreign media in Thailand over night.

The company has an ambitious and exciting plan to further develop Thaivisa to ensure it remains valid for its consumers. They are also passionate about implementing pioneering new initiative to develop media in Thailand for the further enjoyment of its consumer: namely expats and other foreigners with an interest in Thailand.