Thailand Endurance Championship

The Thailand Endurance Championship is organised by the Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (RAAT), which is also the official ASN of FIA in Thailand.
The championship is the ultimate test for drivers and mechanics alike, concentration is key to success.
Each race has a duration of 6 hours with each team using 2 – 3 drivers sharing the time in the car.
Rules for this championship are as follows:
• A minimum of 2 drivers and maximum of 3 must be used per car
• Each driver cannot drive more than 1 hour at time before a changeover has to be made
• Each driver must complete at least 1 hour total driving time during the race
• Only 4 mechanics are permitted to work on the car during pit stops, a 5th mechanic may be used to assist the driver changeover
• Refueling can only begin when the driver is out of the car
• The maximum fuel capacity per car must not exceed 100 Ltr
• E20 is the only fuel that can be used
• The minimum weight per car not including driver has to be 1200kgs (2000cc Class)
• Should the car suffer a breakdown on track, it will brought back to the pit, but must first be weighed to ensure the car is not underweight and received any benefit due to this.
If any of the above rules are not complied with, the team will be penalised with lap deductions or in extreme cases disqualified from the race altogether.
The team that completes the most number of laps in the 6 hours is declared the winner.
Points are awarded to the top 10 teams. After all 3 races are complete the team with most points will be declared the champions.

2017 Endurance Championship Schedule

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