Chutimathit Korsuk

Chutimathit Korsuk

Nationality: Thai
Date of Birth: 24th Nov 1989
Started Racing in: 2018

Khun Chutima grew up in Khon Kaen and at the age of 15 she watched a race event on TV and fell in love with motorsport.

She decided she wanted to be a race driver, and set about to get her family to support this dream. None of her family members were into motorsport and did not take her serious, therefore she never progressed with her dream until 15 years later when she went to Buriram to watch a race and met up with the TR Motorsport team and it's owner and racing driver coach Thomas Raldorf.

She told him about her dream of becoming a race driver and a plan was made for her dream to come true.

With zero racing experience a lot of teaching was needed but she showed great talent and promise from the start and quickly learned what she was being taught.

She was put on a waiting list with Toyota TRD as there was no plans for making new race cars for the 2019 season, but a late call from TRD set things in motion as they agreed to add 2 more cars to their One Make Race Series. Only a few days before the first race weekend the car was delivered so there was little time for testing before heading to Phuket for her first race event.

She again showed her talent and ability to learn in Phuket, where she slowly built up her knowledge of the car and the track without making any mistakes, and constantly getting faster. At the end of the race weekend she was able to finish 10 out of a field of 18 more experienced drivers.

She is now looking forward to the rest of the season and is expected to quickly get very competitive in her class, the Vios Lady Cup.