Tony Percy

Tony Percy
Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 26th of Jan 1955
Started Racing in: 1998


1998: 3rd Thai National Championship
1999: 4th Thai National Championship
2001: 3rd Thai National Championship
2002: 2nd Thai National Championship
2003: Thai National Champion
2004: 3rd Thai National Championship

Touring Cars

2008: 4th Supercar Thailand Championship (Super 1500 Modified)
2009: 2nd Supercar Thailand Championship (Super 2000 Junior)
2009: Thailand National Team Champion (Super 2000 Junior)
2009: 2nd Honda Racing Fest Championship (Super 2000)
2010: Thai National Champion (Honda Racing Fest Championship, Super 2000)
2011: Thai National Champion (Supercar Thailand Championship, Super 2000 Junior)

2012: 4th Supercar Thailand Championship (Super 2000, Class B)
2013: 7th Supercar Thailand Championship (Super 2000, Class B)
2014: 3rd Thailand Super Series (Super 1500)
2015: 7th Thailand Super Series (Super Production)
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