Retox Group Asia



The Retox Group of Pubs and Restaurant’s story began just a couple of short years ago after the purchase of The Irish Rover in Soi LK Metro which was re-branded and brought up to date with the new name iRovers.

This change spawned the new business model of a 24 hours Sports pub, restaurant and Hotel which seemed to be a winning formula showing sports from all around the world and giving the customer what he wanted, coupled with decent pub grub and the famous 99 baht breakfast meant the bar was doing very well for itself.

The iRovers was then sold on and the Retox group was born with the first location in Soi Lengkee, using the same business model as before it rapidly became the in place to be for sports once again, also with a great menu, quality accommodation and even more screens and receiving systems than the iRovers. It rapidly because apparent that the bar, though seating approx 100, was not big enough and an expansion program took place to provide more indoor seating and screens in an air-conditioned environment. Once again it was filling to capacity and a temporary solution was introduced by the acquisition of the former Bite Me Bistro just around the corner on 3rd Road and now there is an ambitious plan in place to treble the size of Retox Soi Lengkee so watch this space.

Retox Game On came next opening its 300 seater premises in Soi Honey which is the soi next to LK Metroand connects Soi Buakhao with Second Road so it is easily accessible by foot, motorbike or even car. Similar to the previous set up and high standards they also introduced a Sunday Carvery which has proved extremely popular.  The bar also has accommodation available which like the others, can be booked online in a variety of ways.