Fenix Xcell


Our Introduction:
Conceived in 2008, the main driving force being to create multi functional, durable and comfortable sporting apparel that keeps the wearer stylish and on top of their game. Our choice of technical fabrics, innovative designs and unwavering quality are the key elements at our core, and the building blocks from which we continue to evolve. Our products aim to enhance performance through that boost of confidence gained in the knowledge that the wearer feels comfortable, unrestricted and stylish whilst at work, rest or play.

Our continued goal is on sourcing and developing innovative, high quality fabrics and design options to deliver and match our wearer's requirements and expectations. Style, design detail, and colour co-ordination blend seamlessly with our choices of high performance fabric technology, ensuring the wearer performs at their optimum level without any restrictions from their clothing. We are always listening, learning and improving with your invaluable feedback, which in turn allows us to consistently deliver the best products possible to market.


about2Our Inspiration:
Each seasonal range is carefully developed to maximise it's appeal to all of our wearer's, no matter what their varied and hectic lifestyles throw at them. FENIX boasts a proud Scottish heritage that is reflected throughout our designs and each seasonal collection as a whole. On beginning to plan the new season’s range there are many areas which are drawn upon to help inspire, from the naming of the products, to the standard colour palette used, to the overall look and feel of the designs.

All of these elements are carefully woven together to keep our collections unique, exciting and read to wear. We also recognise the need for the inclusion of some key new pieces that aim to close the gap between on and off the course, to ensure FENIX has something to suit every part of an active, hectic lifestyle. We are delighted to be incorporating new and exciting products this season in order to keep you covered for all your weekend's activities!



Our Intent:
FENIX continues to evolve and is stretching it's wings!

FENIX is the old english spelling for the mythical bird, most recognisably known today, as the Phoenix. It is believed that this vibrant bird dies in a show of fire and flames, only to rise again from the ashes immortal with brighter and bolder plummage.

We believe in the immortality of our brand, and recognise that to achieve this we need to constantly rise again, and again. FENIX continues to grow from strength to strength with the support of our new wearers and the keen following of our loyal fan base. Our main aim is to maintain our growth, adding to our ever-expanding portfolio worldwide.

The FENIX Rises!

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