Thailand Super Series

The Thailand Super Series (TSS) is considered the pinnacle of Circuit Racing within the Kingdom and lauded by many other countries as being one of the most professional events in Asia.

The series attracts drivers from all over Asia, all with differing skill levels. The diversity that exists among the drivers is echoed with the cars that they drive, from your everyday Pick-up trucks to High Performance GT3 Super Cars there is something for every fan to like.

TR Motorsport competes in the Super Production Class of TSS. The class has strict rules and regulations about what brands and what modifications can be made to the car and engine, this ensures the racing remains as competitive as possible throughout the series and makes a better spectacle for the fans.

The series consists of 4 race weekends with 1 race on the Saturday and 1 Race on the Sunday. The highlight of the TSS series is the season finale at the famous Bang Saen Speed Festival that attracts over 200,000 spectators over the 6 days of racing (Tue-Sun).

TSS races are categorised as Sprint Races, a Sprint Race is apportioned a minimum race distance which is agreed by RAAT, this distance is then converted into laps depending on the length of each track to ensure minimum race distance is covered.

Only one qualifying session is held per race weekend, the driver that tops the timing’s will start in Pole Position for race 1. For race 2 each driver will start in the position they finished race 1, however, the top 5 finishers will be reversed on the grid to increase excitement for the fans. In addition the drivers who finished in the top 3 in race 1 will have extra weight added to their car for race 2, again this is to increase excitement and to try equal out the performance of the cars.

The first 10 cars pass the chequered flag receive points based on their finishing positions, after all 4 race weekends are complete the driver with the most points is declared champion.
TSS Drivers are separated by 3 Grades, A, B & C. This grading system is calculated on driver experience

Grade A
Grade A drivers are the most experienced drivers who have raced for many years and who have previously won a lower class championship. These drivers compete for the overall championship title along with Grade B & Grade C drivers, there is no Class A separate championship.
NOTE: Thomas Raldorf has a Grade A rating, Tony Percy has a Grade B rating.

Grade B
Grade B drivers are experienced drivers who have raced for some time and who have previously won a lower class championship. These drivers compete for both the B Class Championship and the overall Championship.

Grade C
Grade C drivers are the least experienced drivers who are new to the series and have yet to win a C Class Championship. These drivers compete for both the C Class Championship and the overall Championship.

Each TSS event is available to watch on Nation Television, YouTube, and streamed live to their website.


2016 Thailand Super Series Schedule

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Note: The Official Web-site for the TSS Championship is:

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